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Our members have a wide range of concerns about Highbury Fields and the surrounding neighbourhood. The Committee represents their concerns to the responsible authorities in the appropriate forum.


With more than thirty years experience of dealing with the local authority, we have built excellent working relationships with Councillors and Council officers who respect our opinions and often seek them before proposals are brought forward.


And year on year there seem to be more and more matters to exercise us. So that we donít neglect anything, we have set up a number of sub-groups which look into specific areas in greater detail. The sub-groups then report back to the Committee where we decide how we should respond.


At present we have the following sub-groups.

Follow the links to find out more about the work they do.



Amenities   covers the condition and maintenance of the Fields, trees and turf, footpaths and desire lines, the facilities offered, events on the Fields and the problems of litter and irresponsible dog owners. This sub-group is also concerned with the implementation of the Vision for Highbury Fields.


Planning and Conservation   monitors planning applications which impinge upon the Fields or affect the character and infrastructure of the surrounding area, much of which is located within designated Conservation Areas.


Roads and Traffic  is concerned with the flow of traffic around the Fields and neighbouring streets, traffic calming measures, pedestrian and cycling priorities and access, by whatever means, to the Fields.


Communications and Publicity   is responsible for promoting the Association to the wider public, communication and consultation with our members, liaison with other local groups and the development and upkeep of this website.


Policing and Crime   liaises with the local police on matters of safety and crime prevention around the Fields.


Procedure   tries to ensure that we operate effectively.

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