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As the most significant green open space in the borough, Highbury Fields has to cater for a diverse number of recreational needs.


To orientate yourself have a look at a map.


You will see that, for a relatively small area, just under thirty acres, the Fields accommodates a surprisingly large number of recreational activities. For details, go to facilities.


The magnificent avenues of London Plane trees are the most distinctive feature of the Fields. The HFA is very conscious of the responsibility we have to protect and conserve them. Together with the Highbury Community Association we have produced a booklet in which we outline some of the threats that trees on the Fields face. You can view or download a pdf file by going to trees.





Itís small wonder that the Fields have provided a location for a number of film and television productions. The open unspoilt aspects of the gently sloping terrain, set against the Georgian architecture of the houses that border the Fields, provide a visual delight. Photographers too are drawn to the Fields which take on a different character with the changing seasons. Have a look at the photographs our members have contributed to our gallery.

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