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Over the years the HFA has been involved in many successful campaigns.


It took four years of patient negotiation to secure the installation of an APT (Automatic Public Toilet) by the Oasis café. A long wait - but it was worth it.


The list of HFA successes is impressively long. Here is a short list – of just

a few of them.






Church Path Lighting

The Playground

       On the Fields:


Church Path Lighting – three new lamp standards;

2 o’clock club – original licence negotiated with peppercorn rent;

Resistance to ultra-large events (eg. Waterboys concert) – effected policy change;

Monitoring damage to Fields by events (eg. Chinese Circus) – new compensation arrangements;

Oasis Café – on panel to select new proprietor;

Successful lobbying for resurfacing and relaunch of tennis courts;

Ran annual tennis tournament for fifteen years;

Campaign to protect the avenues of trees (see trees);

Campaign to prevent commercialisation;

On the Steering Committee of the Vision for Highbury Fields (see The Vision);

Football pitches – threat to deny public access defeated;

Children’s playground – influenced design and overcame initial local opposition.

New Victorian lighting;

Highbury Pool and Gym extension – approval of plans;

and now….  a new APT sited, at HFA’s insistence, by the swimming pool.



       Around the Fields:



ChristChurch – floodlighting the church;

HighburyBaptistChurch – lengthy planning process with Appeal hearing;

20mph traffic calming zone – endorsed “twenty’s plenty” campaign;

No 4 Highbury Crescent – Quaker Hall, saved from demolition;

Furlong Homes – lengthy negotiations with developers resulting in reduced height and S106 funding for signage, pavement and new lighting;

Robin’s Gardens – long process of meetings, original plans withdrawn and improved;

Highbury Terrace – ex Civil servants block, campaign to prevent demolition, leading to refurbishment;

Successful campaign to enforce the restoration of wall to No 1 Highbury Place;

Supported establishment and launch of City Car Club;

Former toilet block on Highbury Crescent – successful campaign to reduce proposed height and footprint.



Former Highbury Crescent  Toilet Block

Formerly Sarah Tankell House

In the neighbourhood:


Aberdeen Works – monitoring plans through multiple applications and Appeal hearings;

Corsica Street – consulted on new traffic scheme and pavement widening;

52, Holloway Road – monitoring major development through Appeal hearing;

Arsenal Scheme – member of ISCA, to reduce impact of stadium and ancilliary development – engaged Space Syntax to assess pedestrian routes;

Represented on the Planning User Panel;

Represented on the Design Panel;

Horsell Road – success in reducing University planning application by one floor;

Member of Highbury Corner Stakeholders Group – on selection panel for architects;

Circle 33 Headquarters – successfully limited height.

The Barn – public meeting to improve traffic flow and parking problems;

Channel Tunnel Rail Link – lengthy involvement and organisation of public meeting;

2, Leigh Road facade saved from demolition;

Sarah Tankell House – successful campaign to improve design and reduce building height.



       In the community:


Held hustings meetings for local elections

Regular liaison with community police;

Involved since foundation in the London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies;

Affiliated to Living Streets;

Involved in setting up OldenCommunityGardens;

Support for the Highbury Roundhouse Youth and Community Centre.

Individual committee members on Roundhouse Board of Trustees;

Participation in local events – Love Your Parks Day, Love Your Trees Day etc.





Love Your  Parks Day 2008

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